Pink Grapefruit Gin 70cl


A dry style gin, with a slightly tart finish.

An abundance of zesty notes from the pink grapefruit, orange and lime.

A mild grapefruit tonic really livens the grapefruit flavour in this gin.

Otherwise this works well with a plain tonic that’s not too strong. Add a couple of juicy blueberries to take the edge of the tartness but compliment the fruit flavours, or a few peppercorns to bring mild spicy notes forward and reduce the powerfulness of the fruits.

This one is a favourite with bars for gin cocktails.


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Our Pink Grapefruit gin is a Distilled gin, like our Essex Pink and Pier gins. We create a base London Dry gin with natural juniper, proofed with the purest Essex water, which is then flavoured with a citrus fusion of pink grapefruit, orange and lime to create a zesty and slightly tart grapefruit gin with juniper and spice notes.

Of course our Pink Grapefruit gin like all Pigs Bay gins is gravity filtered using charcoal and then coconut to give that malt-like smoothness.


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