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Tasting notes and serving sugggestion to assist you with your selection and enjoyment of our delicious spirits.

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Southend Gin

We love this gin because it represents a deceptive taste profile. We wanted to create an Essex seaside gin and we sampled a number of people about what tastes they associate with the Essex seaside.

This gin is therefore designed to remind your senses of the taste of seaside days in the sun. Just a tiny hint of the spice of Essex, ice cream, sherbet and liquorice dip or maybe a hint of sea-shore citrus drinks.

 A great gin with a smooth feel with top and mid notes of vanilla and spice rounded off with the lingering taste of sweet fresh citrus. We use quite a range of botanicals in Southend Gin including Juniper, Coriander, Liquorice root, Citrus, Angelica, Vanilla and Cardamon. So, although technically a London Dry gin the botanicals added disguise the dryness and give the impression of a dry to medium palate.

We feel it is best to avoid heavily flavoured tonics so as not to swim the complexities of this gin. Southend Gin mixes well with Schweppes regular and light tonic and pairs equally well with the earthy toned premium tonics.

A light lemonade also compliments this gin if you’re not a tonic lover.

A strong garnish can overpower the flavours in this gin so opt for a small slice of orange or lemon or try melon balls, if you really want to add something to the glass.

If you find the spice a little heavy for your liking, try adding some extra vanilla, either with a half a pod or cheat with a couple of drops of extract and stir.


Pigs Bay Dry Gin

We consider this gin to be one of the highest quality London dry gins available. It has strong notes of Juniper with softening earthy tones. Made with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica, Orris root, Cassia and Cinnamon.

For a soft mildly floral spring/summer long drink to be savoured on warm sunny days we would recommend a premium elderflower tonic with lots of ice. For a more robust drink, pair it with a premium plain tonic or even a Mediterranean tonic to enhance the herbal flavours.

If using a plain tonic, try adding half a strawberry or basil leaves to accentuate the herby flavours further.

With the Elderflower tonic try adding a small sprig of rosemary or with the Mediterranean tonic a sprig of thyme.


Essex Pink Gin

 The initial dry Juniper notes are balanced beautifully with the dark berry flavours of Brambles, Blueberries, Blackcurrants, and Raspberries. This gin has a superb mix of botanical flavours and has a unique smoothness on the palette.

We would suggest that it pairs well with regular and premium plain tonics or aromatic tonic if you like the delicately spiced taste of these. If you are not a tonic lover, then try a light lemonade which adds a touch of sweetness highlighting the berry flavours for a refreshing, light fruity drink.

Garnish with a few Blueberries and/or Raspberries.

Note due to the use of only natural flavourings and colourings, the pink hue of this gin will fade over time, particularly if the gin is left in daylight. This does not in any way affect the taste or quality of the gin. It will taste exactly the same but will not look so pink!



Pier Gin

A gin inspired by the regeneration of Southend Pier, the longest pleasure pier in the World. The strawberry and cream flavourings were chosen to celebrate the piers of yesteryear when they were a high-class entertainment and dining venues.

This gin has a beautiful smell of strawberries and is flavoured with a natural strawberry extract, giving the drink a touch of sweetness and a beautiful colour. The clotted cream brings a subtle cream flavour to complement the fruit.

We suggest using a plain tonic that is not too strong, our favourite with this is Schweppes regular. Save the stronger earthy tonics for bolder gins. A light lemonade also works with this gin for those not so keen on tonic water.

Add some chopped strawberry to this lovely pink gin for added berry deliciousness.

Why not try it in your next gin cocktail.

Note due to the use of only natural flavourings and colourings, the strawberrry hue of this gin will fade over time, particularly if the gin is left in daylight. This does not in any way affect the taste or quality of the gin.


Pink Grapefruit Gin

Our Pink Grapefruit gin is created with a citrus fusion of pink grapefruit, orange and lime to create a zesty and slightly tart grapefruit gin with juniper and spice notes.

Like our Pier gin, Pink Grapefruit works best with the milder tasting regular tonics, but if you want to up the grapefruit a little, this gin marries beautifully with Schweppes new grapefruit tonic.

For this gin we have two suggestions for a garnish, resulting in two quite different gins.

Popping a couple of blueberries in your glass, softens the tartness of the grapefruit and complements the overall fruit flavours.

Adding a few peppercorns, brings the mild spicy notes forward and reduces the powerfulness of the fruits.

A favourite for cocktails.


Leigh Shore Gin

This gin celebrates the smells and tastes of our local fishing village Old Leigh and uses wrack seaweeds and samphire that are found along our Essex shoreline.

Leigh Shore is a London Dry gin, and it retains a faint green hue from the seaweed and samphire.

This is such a specific gin that you simply want a good quality plain tonic and maybe a small slice of lemon or a little twig of rosemary to garnish it.

Try it with your favourite seafood dishes, pour over fresh oysters or even mix a Leigh Shore martini.


Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueur

A subtle liqueur with sophisticated notes, a light ginger taste and a well-balanced mouth feel. We use two sweet Rhubarbs to provide the front notes, quickly followed by mild spicy ginger with a further Rhubarb latter taste.

We designed this liqueur to be drunk neat over ice, but it does pair well with a good ginger ale and is the most perfect partner with some fizz.

Note due to the use of only natural flavourings and colourings, the rhubarb hue of this gin will fade over time, particularly if the gin is left in daylight. This does not in any way affect the taste or quality of the gin.



Chocolate Fudge Rum Liqueur

A sensational Rum Liqueur, with delicious notes of chocolate, fudge and vanilla.

This Rum Liqueur is intended to be drunk neat and is wonderful on its own. Sipping over ice on a warm day is another option or add to your favourite coffee or hot chocolate for a boozy update. It’s also a great option for cocktails like the Mudslide.


Premium Vodka

We suggest this is served neat if you can. The flavours of our vodka are enhanced by the quality of our water source and our filtration methods.

This is a delightfully smooth vodka.






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