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Premium Vodka


A Vodka distilled from grains and proofed using only the purest Essex water and painstakingly gravity filtered through charcoal and then coconut. This is our entry level Vodka, but with the malt-like smoothness of Pigs Bay quality spirits.

Pairs with any mixer of your choice and is a perfect base for cocktails.

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All Vodka is produced by distilling a ‘wash’ which has been  created by fermenting sugar and yeast. Sugar can be obtained from many agricultural sources including beet, cane, potatoes, fruit and grains. With the exception of our Prestige Vodka, all Pigs Bay spirits are created from sugar extracted from grains (Wheat). This is in fact the most common source of sugar in the distilling industry and from which the vast majority of vodka is produced.

What makes Pigs Bay vodka a premium spirit is our use of medically pure Essex water and our dual gravity filtration. This produces a purer spirit with a less harsh/smoother taste than other vodka in this price category. Whilst priced at the mid level of spirits, we believe that you will equally agree that the quality exceeds any other comparison vodka.

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