Prestige Vodka – Limited Edition 1L

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From the special batch we ran, we now only have 1 bottle left.

Our Prestige Vodka is prepared with a small base of our Premium Vodka layered with our finest cane sugar distillate. This is the highest quality vodka we can produce. Proofed using only the purest Essex water and painstakingly gravity filtered through charcoal and then the finest coconut, twice. We believe this is the ultimate Pigs Bay and Essex vodka.

p.s. It is not sweet. The sugar is all turned to alcohol.

Whisky drinkers or anyone familiar with drinking a neat spirit love this vodka.

There are no plans to run any more batches of this vodka as are now concentrating  on some new projects.


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Our Prestige Vodka is prepared with a small base of our Premium Vodka layered with our finest cane sugar distillate.  All Pigs Bay drinks are the result of expensive and time consuming processes. This is the most time consuming of them all.

Firstly, there is a minimum of three distillation runs to produce this Prestige Vodka.

The sugar used to ferment with the yeast to create vodka can be sourced from many agricultural sources. Grains (Wheat) is the cheapest source used in the vast majority of commercially produced vodka. There are those that produce vodka by extracting sugar from Potatoes or fruit. However, in our opinion, the purest and highest quality spirit is produced from cane or beet sugar. It is probably the most expensive source of sugar but contains less congeners.

Our Prestige Vodka uses a cane sugar distillate layered into a base of Premium Vodka.

Of course, as all Pigs Bay spirits, it is then dual filtered through both charcoal and then coconut. This is gravity filtered, not pumped, to allow the maximum time for the spirit to work its way day-by-day, through the filtration granules to gain maximum effect. However, unique to our Prestige Vodka, we then repeat the whole process of filtration both through charcoal and coconut.

Finally the use of our unique medically pure Essex water, adds to the overall purity and quality of the finished product.

Simply put, this is the highest quality vodka that we can produce.


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3 reviews for Prestige Vodka – Limited Edition 1L

  1. Jacqueline CappsCoe (verified owner)

    Really lovely taste could drink on its own with ice like the very slightly sweet taste

  2. Don M. (verified owner)

    Not even a vodka drinker but this is so pure – makes one great Bloody Mary.

  3. MISS K A P. (verified owner)

    Wow…vodka on steroids.

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