Own Branded Spirits

Pigs Bay offers a service to create own branded Gins for other spirit companies or organisations.

These services include:

  • Gins made at a minimum of 37.5% ABV to approximately 90% ABV, supplied in 25Litre Jerry Cans, for bottling and labelling.
  • Full production service including bottling and labelling. The customer must produce the label graphics design and purchase the labels.
  • Gins can be produced from the current Pigs Bay portfolio or a new bespoke taste profile can be quoted for.
  • Sale of the spirit in Duty Suspension, IF the customer has the necessary warehouse registration.

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This service is available for small batch orders. Although customers must plan for longer term ordering as the commitment for label production is a minimum of 500 bottles.

Although the examples below are spirit companies, this service is equally available to any local public house, restaurant, company or organisation wanting to produce its own labelled spirit.

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Examples of own branded gins produced and bottled by Pigs Bay.

This service is currently restricted to Gin production only.