Pigs Bay Distillery Plans

Pigs Bay was established not to follow, but to bring new innovative methods and processes to the market with technically leading-edge equipment to increase the quality of spirits on sale. We are people who challenge the old traditional methods and at the same time educate you, the customer.

We want to put Essex on the map. We want the distillery to grow into a major attraction with the distillery open for tours, a shop and a café or restaurant. But we need your help to get there, by supporting our project and of course loving our drinks and spreading the word. Our drinks, unless otherwise indicated are made in Essex, for Essex.

We want the distillery and brand to be the first choice when ordering drinks and on every retailer and wholesaler’s shelf so Essex can buy it.

We want to show you all that you can buy a Premium Spirit, with a smooth “Malt Like” taste at affordable prices.

Our plans are in three phases:

Phase One:             In progress. The distillery is tucked away in Southend and is a wholly production environment and hence not open to the public. The idea is to prove the concept of the distillery and grow production and the customer pipeline to facilitate growth to Phase Two.

Phase Two:            A bigger environment where limited access for small tours and tastings could be facilitated. The production environment will facilitate major upgrades in equipment, production volumes, new drinks lines and expanded customer services provided. See below.

Phase Three:         Our ultimate goal of a seafront location for the distillery, fully open to the public and as a major tourist attraction. The distillery will include shop, restaurant, and event hosting. It will also facilitate tours as part of coach sightseeing tours from London.

We have so many ideas for our short-and long-term future and these include:

  • Production of Customer Labelled Drinks. This might simply be a Gin labelled under a particular Bar or Restaurant’s name, or it might be a special craft flavour specifically designed by the customer so totally unique to them.
  • Our “Made with Gin” Liqueur range will grow. Our launch Liqueur has blown the minds of early taste testers and bars are already planning use with fizz to create other drinks.
  • The distillery will not be complete without a Smuggler’s RUM as was brought off the smuggler’s boats on horseback up the beach in Pig’s Bay.
  • We have plans to produce here in Essex, a Tequila like new brand.
  • Vodka will have a renaissance and we will lead it with new flavoured varieties.
  • Wedding favours are already being requested. We are working on it!
  • Non-Alcoholic shop sales are also planned. Books, gifts etc and a pretty ambitious plan to link up with a local Essex artist to produce unique Pig’s Bay paintings of the area for display and sale within the shop.

The Future is Essex

We want to serve our county. We want Essex drinkers to get in touch with their ideas. We want to be YOUR DISTILLERY. We want to have a community feel and we want to be driven by you!!

So why not get onto the CONTACT US page and drop us a line with your ideas.

Pigs Bay – The Spirit of Essex

Photo by user bern161616 on Freeimages.com