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Dave the Distillery Cat

Every distillery has to have a cat. A Scottish distillery even has a statue outside of one from the past. So, of course we had to have one too.

Introducing …. Dave  or as he’s known “Dave of the Distillery”

Ok let us just admit that he hasn’t actually been in the Distillery, as we are a little too Health and Safety minded to allow any animal into our distillery. Dave is the house cat of the owner, but we have adopted him as the Distillery Mascot anyway.

Apparently, Dave would not want to visit the distillery as he much prefers living in the owner’s kitchen and can be found never far away from his food bowl.

Dave was born in March 2019.

And now the sad bit……….

Dave was born with a heart murmur, so gets short of breath very easily. Perhaps a long life might not be expected.

Then there is the issue of his tail. As the pictures show, he has half a tail. He was apparently born with a full tail and we need to ask his Mum what happened to the missing half!

Apparently, this means that he has shocking balance and simply falls off any fence he decides to climb.

So with a heart murmur and lack of a tail, it is probably not a surprise to find him asleep on the kitchen floor waiting for food.

Dave loves napping especially when the suns out and its hot weather!